1974-1983 Pontiac Mid-size Heater Core Removal and Installation

Repair Pontiac Mid-size 1974-1983 Repair Guide

Heater Core


1974-77 GTO, LeMans and Grand Am


1. Drain the radiator.

2. Disconnect the heater hoses at the air inlet assembly.

3. Remove nuts from core studs on firewall (under hood). Remove the glove box. On 1977 LeMans, remove glove box and door, then remove heater outlet from case. Remove defroster duct screw on all models.

4. From inside the car, pull the heater assembly from the firewall.

5. Disconnect control cables and wires, then remove heater assembly.

6. To remove core, unhook retaining springs or strips.

7. To install, reverse removal procedure, making sure core is properly sealed during installation.


1. Drain the coolant.

2. Disconnect the water hoses at the heater core tubes to prevent spilling coolant during removal.

3. Remove the glove compartment.

4. Remove the cold air duct and heater outlet.  Download File PDF

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