1995 Ford Mustang Steering Column Removal & Installation

Steering Column



1. CAUTION: Do not remove steering wheel (3600) and driver side air bag module (043B13) as an assembly unless the column is locked or the steering column shaft is secured to keep it from turning. This will avoid damage to the air bag sliding contact (14A664) assembly.

Disconnect battery ground cable (14301) . Wait one minute for air bag diagnostic monitor to deplete its stored energy.

2. Remove steering wheel as outlined.

3. Remove the bolt retaining steering column gear input shaft coupling (3A525) to steering column.

4. Remove ignition switch lock cylinder (11582) as outlined.

5. Remove steering column opening cover and reinforcement.

6. Remove instrument panel cross brace.

7. Remove the lower steering column shroud (3530) and upper steering column shroud , fastened by self-tapping screws.

8. Disconnect all electrical connections (quick-couplers) from the ignition switch (11572) and key warning buzzer connecting wire.

9. Remove screws retaining multi-function switch (13K359) and position out of the way.

10. Remove the two nuts retaining steering shaft tube boot to the dash panel (01610) .

11. Remove four nuts retaining steering column to instrument panel (04320) . Lower steering column to clear the four mounting bolts, remove ignition/shifter interlock cable (3F719) (automatic transmission only) and remove steering column. Download File PDF

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