1996 Saturn SL1 L4-1.9L Engine - Runs Hot/Oil Mixed With Coolant

1996 Saturn SL1 L4-1.9L SOHC VIN 8

Engine - Runs Hot/Oil Mixed With Coolant

SUBJECT: Engine Runs Hot and/or Engine Oil Mixed with Engine Coolant in Engine Coolant Recovery Reservoir (Replace Cylinder Head Assembly)

MODELS AFFECTED: 1991-1997 Saturn vehicles equipped with SOHC (LK0-1991-1994, L24-1995-1997) engines.

CONDITION: Engine may run hot and/or have engine oil mixed with engine coolant. This condition may be noticeable when checking coolant recovery reservoir level.

CAUSE: Some 1991-1997 SOHC engines may develop a crack on or near the camshaft journals and surrounding casting areas allowing engine oil to mix with engine coolant.

CORRECTION: Refer to the following procedure to locate the area where the engine oil is leaking into engine coolant passages.



When required, refer to the appropriate year service manuals when performing the following procedures.

1. Remove camshaft from cylinder head.

2. Pressure test cooling system. Download File PDF

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