1999 Audi A6 Sedan V6-2.8L Timing Belt Service and Repair

1999 Audi A6 Sedan V6-2.8L (AHA)

Timing Belt: Service and Repair

Toothed belt, removing and installing


- Remove engine cover (arrows).

- Remove noise insulation panel (arrows).

- Remove front bumper. Refer to Body and Frame/Bumper/Service and Repair

- Move lock carrier to service position. Refer to Body and Frame/Radiator Support/Service and Repair

- Remove ribbed belt. Refer to Engine/Drive Belts, Mounts, Brackets and Accessories/Drive Belt/Serpentine Belt/Service and Repair See: Drive Belt/Service and Repair

CAUTION: Mark the running direction of the belt with a crayon or marker before removing. Reinstalling a used belt in reversed running direction could damage the belt.

- Unclip toothed belt guard on both sides and remove. Download File PDF

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