2000 Ford Mustang Clockspring Removal & Installation



NOTE: The air bag warning lamp illuminates when the RCM fuse is removed and the ignition switch is ON. This is normal operation and does not indicate a supplemental restraint system (SRS) fault.

NOTE: The SRS must be fully operational and free of faults before releasing the vehicle to the customer.

NOTE: Repair is made by installing a new part only. If the new part does not correct the condition, install the original part and perform the diagnostic procedure again.

1. Depower the system. For additional information, refer to Supplemental Restraint System (SRS) Depowering and Repowering in this section.

2. Remove the two steering wheel back cover plugs.

3. Remove the two driver air bag module retaining bolts.

4. Remove the driver air bag module.

1. Disconnect the driver air bag module electrical connector.

2. Remove the driver air bag module. Download File PDF

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