2000 Jaguar XJ-8 Sedan Brake Booster and Master Cylinder Assembly

Brake Booster and Master Cylinder Assembly



  • Replacement of nuts and bolts: Various thread-locking devices are used on nuts and bolts throughout the vehicle. These devices restrict the number of times a nut or bolt can be used.
  • Remove brake fluid spillage immediately from paint work, with clean water.

1. Position vehicle on a four-post lift.

2. Move driver's seat fully rearward.

3. Open engine compartment and fit paint work protection covers to fenders.

4. Disconnect battery ground cable.

5. Remove engine compartment rear cover.

6. Remove pedal housing, brake booster and master cylinder assembly.

7. Remove reservoir filler cap and pour residual brake fluid into a container. Refit cap.

8. Remove the clevis pin connecting the brake pedal to the master cylinder push-rod fork. Remove grommets from access holes. Remove retaining clip. Remove clevis pin. Download File PDF

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