2001 Mercedes Benz CL 600 Cooling System Testing and Inspection

2001 Mercedes Benz CL 600 (215.378) V12-5.8L (137.970)

Cooling System: Testing and Inspection

Inspect Cooling System For Leaks



- Risk of injury to skin and eyes suffering scalding from contact with hot coolant spray Risk of poisoning from swallowing coolant.

- Do not open cooling system unless coolant temperature is below 90 degrees C. Open cap slowly and release the pressure. Do not pour coolant into beverage bottles.

- Wear protective gloves, protective clothing and eye protection.

1 Open cap with detent (2) or 2-stage cap (2a) expansion reservoir (1) or radiator.


- Cap with detent (2): Rotate cap with detent (2) carefully to first predetent, release pressure, then unscrew cap with detent (2).

- Model 163: Rotate 2-stage cap (2a) or 1-stage cap half a revolution in anti-clockwise direction, release pressure, then unscrew 2-stage cap (2a) or 1-stage cap.

2 Set heating switches to maximum heating capacity

- All except Model 163 Download File PDF

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