2002 Ford ZX2 Timing Belt Removal & Installation




1. Disconnect negative battery cable. Remove spark plugs. Raise and support vehicle. Remove catalytic converter. Remove splash shield. Rotate crankshaft to TDC of No. 1 cylinder. Install TDC Timing Peg (T97P-6000-A) in hole at lower right of block. See Fig. 1 . Rotate crankshaft clockwise against timing peg. See Fig. 2 . Lower vehicle.

2. Drain cooling system. Loosen water pump pulley bolts. Remove accessory drive belt. Remove drive belt idler pulley from generator mounting bracket. Remove bolts and position A/C compressor out of the way. Remove water pump pulley.

3. . Disconnect wiring connector at Variable Camshaft Timing (VCT) solenoid. Disconnect crankcase ventilation hose from fitting on valve cover. Position accelerator and speed control cables aside. Disconnect spark plug wires from spark plug wire brackets on valve covers. Remove bolt, nut and front support isolator damper. Remove upper timing belt cover. Remove valve cover bolts in a diagonal pattern working inward. Remove valve cover and gasket.

4. Raise and support vehicle. Remove center timing belt cover. Remove crankshaft pulley. Remove lower timing belt cover. Use Camshaft Alignment Timing Tool (T94P-6256-CH) to align camshafts. Install tool in slots on camshafts at rear of engine. See Fig. 3 .

5. Loosen timing belt tensioning pulley bolt. Disconnect tensioner tab from timing cover back plate to relieve tension on timing belt. If reusing timing belt, mark direction of rotation before removal. Remove timing belt.

6. Remove camshaft alignment tool. Remove bolt and intake camshaft timing sprocket. Remove VCT oil plug, bolt and exhaust camshaft sprocket. Download File PDF

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