2007 Explorer/Mountaineer/Explorer Sport Trac Workshop Manual

Pinpoint Test G: DTC B2292 — Restraint System — Seatbelt Pretensioner Fault

Refer to Wiring Diagrams Cell 46 (Explorer/Mountaineer, Explorer Sport Trac), Supplemental Restraint System for schematic and connector information.

Normal Operation

The restraints control module (RCM) continuously monitors the safety belt buckle pretensioner circuits for an acceptable resistance range, unacceptable voltage and shorts to ground.

The RCM will set on-demand and store DTC B2292 in memory if any of these conditions are detected to be outside of their respectful range. If the RCM detects a fault, it will send a message to the instrument cluster (IC) module to illuminate the air bag warning indicator.

As the RCM continuously monitors safety belt buckle pretensioner circuits for resistance, it expects a normal resistance between 1.31 and 4.29 ohms.

If a loop resistance is between 0.9 and 1.31 or between 4.29 and 5 ohms, there exists a strong potential for an intermittent fault, a DTC may or may not set. The RCM will also set an on-demand DTC if the loop resistance is less than 0.9 ohm or greater than 5 ohms.

NOTE: When monitoring fault and/or resistance PIDs with the scan tool, it may take up to 2 seconds for the scan tool display to update. Download File PDF

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