How to Change the Starter on a 1993 Nissan Sentra

The 1993 Nissan Sentra comes in two and four-door models. It is a front-wheel-drive car and uses a transverse mounted (sideways) 1.8L four-cylinder engine. It is available with a four-speed automatic or five-speed manual transmission. The Sentra uses a gear-reduction type starter that provides extra turning power. The starter is mounted on top of the transaxle on the driver’s side of the engine and is easily accessed from above.

Tools Used: Tools, Ratchet and socket set, Wrench set, New starter

Change the Starter

Raise the hood. Remove the negative, then positive, battery cables.

Locate the starter on the driver’s side of the Sentra at the rear of the engine. The positive battery cable runs to it. Noting the position of the wires attached to the starter solenoid, remove them.

Remove the two bolts that hold the starter to the transaxle. Slide out the starter. Install the starter into the transaxle, and line up the mounting holes. Install, and tighten, the two starter bolts.

Reattach the wires to the starter solenoid. Connect the positive, then the negative, battery cables.

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