Transmission-4R100-Delayed or no 2ND Gear-DTC’s P0781, P0755/P0756

Transmission-4R100-Delayed or no 2ND Gear-Diagnostic Trouble Codes P0781, P0755 and/or P0756-Vehicles Equipped with 4R100 Transmission with Transmission Build Dates Between 7/27/2000 and 3/23/2001 Only - Ford: 2001 E Series, Excursion, Expedition, F-150, Super Duty F Series, Super Duty F-53 Stripped Chas. Lincoln: 2001 Navigator

ISSUE Some 2001 vehicles equipped with 4R100 transmission, having a transmission build date between 7/27/2000 and 3/23/2001, may exhibit an intermittent, delayed or no second gear condition. Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s) that may be set with this concern are P0781 (1-2 shift error), P0755 (shift solenoid B malfunction) and P0756 (shift solenoid B performance). This may be caused by the Intermediate One Way Clutch (mechanical diode style) not operating properly.

ACTION Verify condition, follow normal diagnostics per the appropriate Workshop Manual. If diagnostics leads to the described condition, replace the Intermediate One Way Clutch (OWC) (mechanical diode style 7A089), Intermediate Brake Drum (7D044) and Intermediate Clutch internally splined friction plates (7B164). Refer to the following Service Procedure for details. SERVICE PROCEDURE Verify above “ISSUE”. Download File PDF

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