1996 Taurus/Sable Instrument Panel Removal and Installation

1996 Taurus/Sable Workshop Manual

Instrument Panel and Console 


1. NOTE: Removal and installation of the instrument panel (04320) is best accomplished by two people. Refer to Section 18-01 for wiring routing and connection locations. Position front wheels in the straight-ahead position.

2. Disconnect battery ground cable (14301). Refer to Section 14-01.

3. Unsnap and remove instrument panel insulator (046A24) from instrument panel reinforcement (04545).

4. On floor shift models, remove console finish panel (04567) as outlined.

5. Remove two screws retaining instrument panel steering column cover (04459) to instrument panel. Remove instrument panel steering column cover by unsnapping from instrument panel.

6. Remove two screws retaining instrument panel brace below steering column. Disconnect courtesy lamp socket. Remove instrument panel brace.

7. On vehicles with manual A/C-heater, remove main wiring (14401) electrical connectors and vacuum hose harness (19C827) from A/C evaporator case (19897) and blower motor (18527).

8. On vehicles equipped with electronic automatic temperature control (EATC), remove the automatic temperature control sensor hose and elbow (19D888), two main wiring harness electrical connectors and A/C plenum vacuum harness (18C581) from A/C evaporator case.

9. Remove integrated control panel. Refer to Section 12-03A. ... Download File PDF

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