1996 Taurus/Sable Steering Column Disassembly and Assembly

1996 Taurus/Sable Workshop Manual

Steering Column 



1. Disconnect battery ground cable (14301). Refer to Section 14-01. Wait one minute for air bag diagnostic monitor to deplete its stored energy.

2. Remove Steering Wheel (3600) as outlined.

3. Remove Steering Column from vehicle as outlined.

4. Remove steering column lower yoke (3N725), steering column upper bearing spring (3520), suspension height sensor control ring (3C131) and steering column bearing tolerance ring (3L539).

5. Remove turn indicator cancel cam (13318) by pushing up with flat-bladed screwdriver. Note direction of flush surface.

6. Remove two bolts retaining ignition switch (11572) and remove ignition switch assembly.


1. Install steering gear input worm gear and rack into steering actuator housing.

2. Install lower steering column bearing and steering column mounting bracket. Tighten screws to 7-11 Nm (61-97 lb-in).

3. Install suspension height sensor control ring, steering column bearing tolerance ring, steering column upper bearing spring and steering column lower yoke to steering gear input worm gear and rack. Tighten pinch bolt to 16-21 Nm (22-28 lb-ft). Download File PDF

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