1997 F-150, F-250 4x4 Front Suspension Removal and Installation

1997 F-150, F-250 Workshop Manual

Front Suspension — 4x4 


Wheel Hub


NOTE: The wheel bearing and hub are replaced as an assembly.

1. CAUTION: Do not use heat to loosen a seized lug nut . Heat can damage the wheel and wheel bearings.

Loosen the lug nuts.

1. Remove the center cap.

2. With the weight of the vehicle on the wheels, loosen the lug nuts.

2. Raise and support the vehicle.

3. Remove the wheel and tire assembly.

1. Remove the lug nuts.

2. Remove the wheel and tire assembly.

4. Remove the front disc brake rotor (1125); refer to Section 206-03 .

5. Remove the front wheel hub nut. ... Download File PDF

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