1997 Ford F-150/250 Timing Chains Removal and Installation

1997 F-150/250 Workshop Manual

Timing Chains


1. Remove the engine front cover; refer to the procedure in this section.

2. Remove the (A) crankshaft sensor ring from the (B)crankshaft (6303).

3. On WEP engines, use the (A) Camshaft Positioning Tool to position the (B) camshaft.

4. On REP engines, rotate the crankshaft until both camshaft keyways are 90° from the cam cover surface. On REP and WEP engines, make sure the copper links line up with the dots on the camshaft sprockets.

5. On REP equipped engines, install the (A) Cam Positioning Tool and the Camshaft Positioning Tool Adapters on the (B) camshaft. ...


CAUTION: Timing chain procedures must be followed exactly or damage to valves and pistons will result.

1. Compress the timing chain tensioners (6L266).

1. Release the lock assembly on the timing chain tensioners.

2. Compress the timing chain tensioners.

2. Install the retaining pins. ... Download File PDF

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