1998 Lincoln Continental Valve Cover RH Removal & Installation

1998 Continental Workshop Manual

Valve Cover—RH


1. Disconnect the battery ground cable (14301).

2. Partially drain the cooling system; refer to Section 303-03.

3. Remove the water bypass tube (8555); refer to Section 303-03.

4. Disconnect the fuel tube.

5. Disconnect the heater hose.

6. Remove the positive crankcase ventilation valve (PCV valve) (6A666) from the RH valve cover (6582).

7. Remove the main chassis vacuum supply tube.

8. Disconnect the powertrain control module grounds. ...


1. NOTE: The sealing surfaces must be clean and dry before applying the sealant.

Clean the sealing surfaces of the RH cylinder head (6049) and the RH valve cover.

2. Install the new spark plug bore O-ring seals.

3. Using a suitable sealant, position and glue a new RH valve cover gasket (6584) in the RH valve cover. ... Download File PDF

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