1999-2000 Acura TL/RL Initialize the OPDS After You Replace Parts

Initialize the OPDS After You Replace Parts

On ’00 3.2TLs, and ’99–00 3.5RLs you need to initialize the OPDS (Occupant Position Detection System) whenever you replace one or both of these parts:

– OPDS unit (in the seat-back)

– OPDS sensor (part of the seat-back foam)

If you don’t initialize the system, you’ll get an SRS DTC 15-1 (faulty OPDS unit).

There are two ways to initialize the OPDS: with the PGM Tester or with the S/M procedure. We prefer using the PGM Tester, because the S/M procedure has more steps, and requires you to use the PGM Tester along with the SCS Service Connector. Here’s how to do both procedures:

OPDS Initialization: PGM Tester

1. Adjust the passenger’s seat-back to an upright position, and remove anything that’s on or near the seat.

2. Make sure the PGM Tester is loaded with software version SN000 or higher, and have the PGM Tester autoprobe handy. (The autoprobe [P/N 02001373] is commonly used to troubleshoot ’92–95 vehicles.) If you can’t find it, order one from the Acura Tool and Equipment Program at 888-424-6857.

3. Plug the Tester into the vehicle’s DLC (in the center console, above the shift lever), and turn the ignition switch ON (II).

4. Follow the screen prompts on the Tester to get to the SYSTEM SELECT screen. From there, select 3. SRS.

5. From the SRS menu, select 5. MISC TESTS. Download File PDF

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