1999 - 2003 Acura TL/CL Blower Motor Does Not Work

Applies To: 1999–03 3.2 TL – ALL, 2001–03 3.2 CL – ALL

Blower Motor Does Not Work


The blower motor does not work at all.


Poor connection at the blower motor caused by tension on the wiring harness.


Install a blower motor subharness.


1. Remove the glove box and cover:

• 1999–03 3.2 TL: See page 20-66 of the 1999–03 3.2 TL Service Manual.

• 2001–03 3.2 CL: See page 20-64 of the 2001–03 3.2 CL Service Manual.

• Online, enter keyword GLOVE, and select Glove Box Removal/Installation from the list.

2. Disconnect the brown 7P connector (C202) from the main harness. Remove the YEL/BLK wire terminal from cavity 3 of connector C202. Cut off the terminal, and tape the remaining end of the wire to the harness.

NOTE: If necessary, refer to the terminal replacement section of the appropriate ETM for how to properly remove a terminal from a connector. ... Download File PDF

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