1999 Chevrolet Chevy Suburban Transfer Case Repair Instructions

1999 Chevrolet Chevy Suburban - 4WD

Transfer Case - NVG 233/243-NP1 (Two Speed Selectable)

Internal Components Assemble

1. Install the spring retainers to the synchronizer hub.

2. Align the scribe marks previously made on the synchronizer hub and the synchronizer sleeve.

3. Install the synchronizer hub to the synchronizer sleeve with the three struts.

4. Install the main drive synchronizer stop ring to the synchronizer sleeve.

5. Install the drive sprocket to the mainshaft.

6. Install the synchronizer assembly to the mainshaft.

7. Install the synchronizer snap ring to the mainshaft.

8. Use a soft faced hammer in order to install the following components into the annulus gear:

• The input gear

• The planetary assembly

9. Install the snap ring to the input bearing.

10. Apply RTV GM P/N 12345739 or equivalent to the input shaft bearing retainer mating surfaces.

11. Apply threadlocker GM P/N 12345382 or equivalent to the input shaft bearing retainer bolts. Download File PDF

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