1999 Kia Truck Sportage Clutch Master Cylinder Service and Repair

1999 Kia Truck Sportage 2WD L4-2.0L

Clutch Master Cylinder: Service and Repair


NOTICE: To avoid paint damage, painted surfaces surrounding the master cylinder should be covered.

1. Using a line wrench, disconnect steel hydraulic line.

The brake hydraulic system reservoir provides brake fluid for the clutch control system. To prevent loss of brake fluid during clutch master cylinder removal, the disconnected hydraulic fluid transfer hose must be plugged or directed into a suitable container.

2. Disconnect brake fluid transfer hose.

3. From engine compartment, remove lower mounting nut.

4. From passenger compartment, remove upper nut from clutch master cylinder mounting stud.

5. Remove clutch master cylinder and gasket.


1. Press down on the piston and remove the stop wire with needle-nose pliers.

2. With stop wire removed, use compressed air to remove the piston and secondary cup assembly, primary cup and return spring.

3. Use brake fluid to clean inner parts. ... Downlaod File PDF

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