2000-2004 Toyota Avalon Installation Instructions

2000-2004 Toyota Avalon Installation Instructions


• Double DIN Radio Provision

• Stacked ISO Mount Units Provision

DASH DISASSEMBLY (column shift models)

1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal to prevent an accidental short circuit.

2. Unsnap the trim below the climate control to reveal (2) 10 MM bolts and remove. (Figure A)

3. Carefully pull air vents above radio towards rear of car to unsnap. NOTE: There are (3) snaps, (2) are at the bottom sides and (1) is at the top middle of the vent assembly. (Figure B)

4. Remove (2) 10 MM bolts from above radio/climate control assembly. Unplug and remove assembly together. (Figure C)

5. Remove (6) Phillips screws (4 from radio and 2 from climate control) from each side bracket to separate radio and climate control. (Save climate controls and brackets to reuse during kit assembly). (Figure D) Continue to kit assembly. Download File PDF

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