2000 Chevy Truck S10/T10 Dashboard/Instrument Panel Service and Repair

2000 Chevy Truck S10/T10 P/U 2WD V6-4.3L VIN W

Instrument Panel (I/P) - Carrier Replacement


1. On vehicles equipped with a manual transmission, remove the shift lever.

2. On vehicles equipped with an automatic transmission, perform the following steps:

2.1. Apply the park brake.

2.2. Insert the ignition key and turn the ignition switch to the RUN position.

2.3. Depress the brake pedal and shift the transmission to the 1 position.

2.4. Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position.

CAUTION: Refer to Battery Disconnect Caution in Service Precautions.

3. Disconnect the battery negative cable. CAUTION: Refer to SIR Handling Caution in Service Precautions.

4. Disable the passenger side SIR system.

5. Remove the left sound insulator.

6. Remove the right instrument panel sound insulator.

7. If the vehicle is equipped with a multiple CD changer located in the center console, remove the center console. Download File PDF

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