2000 Ford Ranger Power Steering Removal and Installation

2000 Ranger Workshop Manual

Power Steering 


Gear — Torsion Bar Suspension


CAUTION: When repairing the power steering system, care should be taken to prevent the entry of contaminants or premature failure of the power steering components can result.

1. Turn the wheel to the straight-ahead position and turn the ignition switch to the OFF position.

2. Remove the wheel and tire assemblies. For additional information, refer to Section 204-04.

3. Disconnect the power steering return hose at the power steering fluid cooler.

- Drain the fluid into a suitable container.

4. Remove the power steering fluid cooler to crossmember nuts. ...


1. NOTE: Make sure the steering gear input shaft is turned to the left until the stop is reached.

NOTE: Handle the steering gear with caution to avoid damage to fluid transfer tubes and to avoid dimples in the tie-rod boots.

Turn the steering gear input shaft to the right until the stop is reached. Note the number of turns required. ... Download File PDF

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