2000 Honda Accord Hard Start After “Hot Soak” Repair Procedure

2000 Accord – 2 door V6 From VIN 1HGCG2...YA000001 thru 1HGCG2...YA035748

2000 Accord – 4 door V6 From VIN 1HGCG1...YA000001 thru 1HGCG1...YA076104

Hard Start After “Hot Soak”


Excessive cranking is needed to start the engine after the car is driven and then parked (with the engine off) for about 15 to 20 minutes. The engine stalls a few times before it begins to run smoothly, and the MIL may come on with a misfire DTC stored in the PCM.


In certain areas where the climate is very cold during the winter season, oil companies sell fuel that is specially formulated for improved cold weather driveability. If the weather is unseasonably warm in these areas during the winter season, the lower boiling point of this fuel causes the fuel in the lines to vaporize, resulting in a hard start or a misfire at start-up.

NOTE: This condition occurs primarily in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, and Colorado. If you are not located in the states listed above, contact your DSM before doing any of the following repairs. Otherwise, your claim may be debited.


Replace the fuel pressure regulator and the PCM.


1. Download the immobilizer information from the PCM in the car with the PGM Tester. Refer to S/B 00-049, Immobilizer System (Type 2). Download File PDF

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