2000 Honda Accord MIL Comes On With DTCs P0171 and/or P0172

2000 Honda Accord EX Coupe L4-2254cc 2.3L SOHC (VTEC) MF

Applies To:

1998-00 Accord L4 - See VEHICLES AFFECTED

MIL Comes On With DTCs P0171 and/or P0172


The MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) comes on with DTCs P0171 (Fuel System Too Lean) and/or P0172 (Fuel System Too Rich) stored in the ECM/PCM.


Moisture in the fuel pressure regulator.


Replace the fuel pressure regulator, and reroute the fuel pressure regulator vacuum line.


1. Locate and identify the three vacuum ports on the intake manifold.

2. Disconnect and discard the vacuum hose that connects the fuel pressure regulator to vacuum port C.

3. Plug vacuum port C with the cap from the tube kit.

4. Replace the fuel pressure regulator. Refer to page 11-113 of the 1998-00 Accord Service Manual.

5. Install the new vacuum hose kit using one of the following procedures. ... Download File PDF

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