2000 Volkswagen Jetta Driver Side Airbag Unit Removing and Installing

2000 Volkswagen Jetta V6-2.8L (AFP)

Driver Side Airbag Unit, Removing And Installing (Four-spoke Steering Wheel)


- Disconnect battery Ground (GND) strap.

CAUTION: Observe safety precautions for working on airbags.

- Release steering column adjustment.

- Turn steering wheel - 1 - until steering wheel spoke is in a vertical position. Pull out steering column entirely and push into lower position.

- Secure steering column adjustment.

- Insert a screwdriver of approx. 175 mm length into bore of steering wheel pan from rear (insert screwdriver approx. 45 mm ).

- Press screwdriver in direction of - arrow -. In this case, clamp - 10 - will be pressed back and catch - 3 - of airbag unit will reby release.

- Turn steering wheel back 180° and disengage second catch on opposite side.

- Turn steering wheel - 1 - to center position (wheels in straight-ahead position).

- Disconnect harness connector from airbag unit. Download File PDF

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