2002 Ford Ranger Engine 3.0L (2V) Disassembly

2002 Ranger Workshop Manual

Engine 3.0L (2V) Disassembly

Vehicles equipped with a manual transmission

1. CAUTION: If the clutch disc and pressure plate are to be reinstalled, bolts must be removed evenly or permanent damage to the diaphragm spring will occur resulting in complete clutch release.

NOTE: If the parts are to be reused, index-mark the clutch pressure plate to the flywheel.

Remove the bolts, the clutch pressure plate, and the clutch disc.

All vehicles

2. Remove the flywheel or flexplate.

3. Remove the engine-to-transmission spacer plate.

4. Mount the engine to a suitable engine stand and remove the lifting equipment and Lifting Eyes.

5. CAUTION: Do not pull on the spark plug wires. Twist the boot while pulling upwards.

Disconnect the spark plug wires.

6. Disconnect the ignition coil electrical connector.

7. Remove the bolts and the ignition coil assembly.

8. Remove the bolts and the generator mounting bracket.

9. Remove the four bolts and the coolant pump pulley. ... Download File PDF

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