2002 Volvo S60 Constant Velocity Joint Boot Service and Repair

2002 Volvo S60 2.4 L5-2.4L VIN 61 B5244S

Constant Velocity Joint Boot: Service and Repair

With AW55-50/51SN Transmission

Boot, half shaft, replacing

Special tools: 951 2619, 999 2412


Note: Preparatory work, see Axle Shaft Assembly; Service and Repair.

Remove the boot

Secure the drive shaft in a vise with soft jaws.

Remove the clamps from the boots.

Cut the boot and remove it from the shaft.

Check the measurement

Wipe off the grease from the constant velocity joint housing.

Measure the distance from the inner ring to the inner groove on the shaft. Note the measurement.

Tap off the constant velocity joint housing

Use a brass drift.

Note: Only tap the inner ring. Take care not to damage the ball holder or outer ring.

For cleaning/assembly and greasing the outer joint, see below Download File PDF

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