2003 Lincoln Truck Navigator Generator Removal & Installation

2003 Lincoln Truck Navigator 4WD V8-5.4L DOHC VIN R



1. Disconnect the battery.

2. Remove the radiator shroud and cooling fan.

3. Relieve the accessory drive belt tension and remove the belt from the generator pulley.

4. Loosen the lower generator bolts.

5. Disconnect the harness pin-type retainer from the water-neck housing.

6. Remove the bolts and the generator bracket.

7. Position the generator aside.

8. CAUTION: This is a new style connector that has a press-to-release tab. Pulling on the tab could result in damage to the connector or harness. Disconnect the electrical connections and remove the generator.

1 Remove the B+ cable nut and cable.

2 Disconnect the electrical connector.


1. To install, reverse the removal procedure. Download File PDF

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