2003 Volvo S40 L4-1.9L Turbo Brake Pad Service and Repair

2003 Volvo S40 L4-1.9L Turbo VIN 27 B4204T4

Replacing The Rear Brake Pads

Special Tools: 999 5782, 951 2834


CAUTION: Replace the brake pads when the minimum thickness is 2 mm .

Removing the rear brake pads


- the hub cap and the wheel

- the retaining clip and the brake hose from the support

- the upper bolt from the locating pin for the brake caliper.

Twist the brake caliper backwards. Remove the brake pads.

NOTE: Do not depress the brake pedal while the brake pads are removed.

Checking and cleaning the rear brake calipers

Clean brake pad contact surfaces in the brake caliper and on the caliper mounting.

Check the dirt guard for the piston.

Replace the dirt guard if it is worn. Recondition the brake caliper if the dirt guard is defective.

NOTE: If the dirt guard is defective, dirt may have penetrated the cylinder. Therefore the brake caliper must be reconditioned. Download File PDF

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