2005 Honda Civic L4-1.7L Damper/Spring Replacement

2005 Honda Civic L4-1.7L SOHC - Front

Damper/Spring Replacement

Special Tools Required

Strut spring compressor, Branick MST-580A or Model 7200, or equivalent, commercially available


1. Raise the front of the vehicle, and support it with safety stands in the proper locations. Remove the front wheels.

2. Remove the cotter pin (A) from the tie-rod end ball joint, and remove the nut (B).

3. Disconnect the tie-rod end from the steering arm on the damper using the special tool.

4. Remove the bolts (A), and remove the wheel sensor harness bracket (B) and brake hose bracket (C) from the damper. Do not disconnect the wheel sensor connector.

5. Remove the damper pinch bolts (A) while holding the nuts (B).

6. Remove the flange nuts (A) from the top of the damper.

7. Lower the lower arm, and remove the damper assembly (B).


1. Compress the damper spring with a commercially available strut spring compressor (A) according to the manufacturer's instructions, then remove the self-locking nut (B) while holding the damper shaft (C) with a hex wrench (D). Do not compress the spring more than necessary to remove the nut. Download File PDF

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