2006 Ford E-350 DTC C1288 with Roll Stability Control Service Procedure


FORD: 2006 E-350


Some 2006 E-Series 350 extended body vehicles equipped with a 5.4L engine may exhibit a Roll Stability Control (RSC) indicator light on with diagnostic trouble code (DTC) C1288.


Follow the Service Procedure steps to correct the condition.


1. If a DTC C1288 code is discovered in the RSC module, replace the Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) Module, refer to Workshop Manual (WSM), Section 206-09. 

2. Firmly press and release the brake pedal while monitoring the MC_PRES PID. Does the PID increase with firm pressure on the brake pedal and then decrease with the brake pedal released? 

a. Yes: Return the vehicle to the customer. 

b. No: Install a new hydraulic control unit (HCU) . Refer to WSM, Section 206-09 Hydraulic Control Unit – Traction Control and Stability Assist. Calibrate the ABS module. Follow the scan tool directions for the calibration procedure. Clear the DTCs. Carry out the self-test with the brake pedal not applied, per the WSM, Section 206-09. 

Note when setting up vehicle identification In ids and the prompt asks for an answer to ivd yes or no? Select yes. This identifies the vehicle as being equipped with roll stability control (RSC). Ivd is a generic name for RSC. This will allow ids to communicate with the ABS module. If a 2006 e-series 350 with roll stability control (RSC) exhibits no communication with the ABS module,… Download File PDF

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