2006 Honda Civic 2-4 Door/GX Drive Belt Auto-Tensioner Pivot Bolt Replacement

Drive Belt Auto-Tensioner Pivot Bolt Replacement


The current routing of the engine drive belt creates extra force on the drive belt auto-tensioner. In rare cases, this extra force could break the auto-tensioner pivot bolt, causing an engine noise or a loss of power steering.


2006 Civic 2-Door: From VIN 2HGFG1...6H500089 thru, 2HGFG1...6H546702

2006 Civic 4-Door: From VIN 1HGFA1...6L000001 thru, 1HGFA1...6L082601, From VIN 2HGFA1...6H500011 thru, 2HGFA1...6H517147, From VIN JHMFA1...6S000039 thru, JHMFA1...6S014045

2006 Civic GX: From VIN 1HGFA4...6L000001 thru, 1HGFA4...6L000026

Some of the vehicles affected by this product update may be in your used vehicle inventory. These vehicles must be updated before they are sold. To verify vehicle eligibility, check for at least one of these items:

• The customer has a notification letter.

• The vehicle is shown as eligible on a VIN status inquiry.

In addition, check for a punch mark below the 13th character of the engine compartment VIN. A punch mark in that location means this product update has already been completed.


Replace the auto-tensioner pivot bolt, and reroute the drive belt. On vehicles with A/C, install a new drive belt.


1. From above the engine, set a long-handled, boxedend wrench on the drive belt auto-tensioner. Slowly turn the wrench counterclockwise, then remove the drive belt. ... Download File PDF

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