2006 Honda Civic Immobilizer Indicator Is Blinking, Engine Won’t Start

Applies To: 2006 Civic – SEE VEHICLES AFFECTED

Immobilizer Indicator Is Blinking, Engine Won’t Start


The engine does not start, and the immobilizer indicator is blinking (especially if the battery recently went dead and the engine was jump-started).


The immobilizer IMOES code has been erased.

NOTE: This problem occurs only if all these conditions are met:

• The security system is set.

• The battery goes dead.

• Battery power is connected to the vehicle, then disconnected in a very short period of time (milliseconds).

If the vehicle meets these conditions, or if the condition is unknown, go to DIAGNOSIS.


NOTE: To replace the under-dash fuse/relay box (MICU), you need these items:

• Replacement under-dash fuse/relay box (MICU)

• One programmed ignition key for the vehicle Download File PDF

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