2007 Chevrolet Chevy Suburban SIR Disabling and Enabling

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SIR Disabling and Enabling

SIR component location affects how a vehicle should be serviced. There are parts of the SIR system installed in various locations around a vehicle. To find the location of the SIR components refer to SIR Identification Views .

There are several reasons for disabling the SIR system, such as repairs to the SIR system or servicing a component near or attached to an SIR component. There are several ways to disable the SIR system depending on what type of service is being performed. The following information covers the proper procedures for disabling/enabling the SIR system.

SIR Service Precautions

Caution: When performing service on or near the SIR components or the SIR wiring, the SIR system must be disabled. Failure to observe the correct procedure could cause deployment of the SIR components. Serious injury can occur. Failure to observe the correct procedure could also result in unnecessary SIR system repairs.

The inflatable restraint sensing and diagnostic module (SDM) maintains a reserved energy supply. The reserved energy supply provides deployment power for the air bags if the SDM loses battery power during a collision. Deployment power is available for as much as 1 minute after disconnecting the vehicle power. Waiting 1 minute before working on the system after disabling the SIR system prevents deployment of the air bags from the reserved energy supply.

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