2007 Chevrolet Colorado Wheel Hub/Speed Sensor Replacement

2007 Chevrolet Colorado


Removal Procedure

Fig. 19: View Of Brake Caliper Mounting Bracket

1. Raise the vehicle. Refer to Lifting and Jacking the Vehicle .

2. Remove the front brake caliper. Refer to Brake Caliper Replacement .

3. Remove the antilock brake system (ABS) speed sensor wiring harness from the upper control arm.

4. Remove the front retaining bolt for the speed sensor bracket at the upper control arm.

5. Remove the speed senor bracket from the upper control arm.

6. Remove the speed sensor electrical connector from the body.

7. Using white or bright colored paint, mark the location of the speed sensor wiring harness to the steering knuckle.

8. To ensure the ease of removal, bundle speed sensor wiring harness so not to have it entangled in any of the suspension components.

9. Remove the steering knuckle assembly. Refer to Steering Knuckle Replacement (2WD) or Steering Knuckle Replacement (4WD).

10. Remove the mounting bolts for the wheel bearing/hub, brake rotor assembly. Download File PDF

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