Adjustable Rear Camber Link Kit 2000-Up Toyota Celica

Adjustable Rear Camber Link Kit 2000-Up Toyota Celica

Tools required for this installation:

􀂾 Hydraulic jack, jack stands, torque wrench

􀂾 The following sockets or wrenches: 14mm, 17mm, 19mm, 24mm

􀂃 The following Allen wrenches: 5mm


1) Securely block the front wheels of the vehicle. Use a jack to raise the rear end of the vehicle and support with jack stands. Remove the rear wheels.

2) Use a 14mm wrench and a 5mm Allen wrench to loosen and remove the nut on both end links where they meet the rear spindle assemblies. Use a 17mm wrench or socket to remove the bolt and nut holding the rear upper link to the spindle. Retain all stock hardware.

3) Use a 19mm and 17mm socket or wrench to remove the upper camber link bolt where it mounts to the sub-frame. Remove the stock suspension link and retain the stock hardware for later use.

4) Match the length of the Hotchkis arm to the center-to-center length of the stock arm. Use a 24mm wrench to loosen the jam nut and rotate the head. Lengthen the arm to add positive camber and shorten the arm to add negative camber.

5) Use the grease pack provided to apply a thick coat of grease to the bushing faces on the Hotchkis arm. You can also apply a light coat of grease to the bushing contact surfaces on the vehicle. Install the Hotchkis arm in the stock location and use the stock hardware to mount it. Download File PDF

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