How to Handle "DTC P0420/P0430" Cases for Yaris, Previa/Tarago, RAV4, Avensis Verso/Picnic

Subject : Handling of DTC "P0420/P0430" Case by Models

This service bulletin is to inform you on how to handle "DTC P0420 / P0430" cases for Yaris, Previa / Tarago, RAV4, Avensis Verso / Picnic.


• Engine MIL ON.

• Code P0420 or P0430 in the engine ECU.

• No influence on driveability or engine performance.


1. Replace the exhaust manifold converter sub-assembly according to the Part No. Information table

2. Inspect Catalytic Converter efficiency by measuring O2 sensor signals, and replace converter if necessary

(a) Refer to the oxygen sensor output signal waveforms below.


• In case of normal operating catalyst, the output signal of the rear heated oxygen sensor shows very slow activity.

• If the catalyst has deteriorated, the output signal of the rear heated oxygen sensors becomes very similar to that of front heated oxygen sensor. Download File PDF

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