How to Reset Canon Pixma iP2770 error Ink Absorber Full [5B00]

How to Reset Canon Pixma iP2770 error Ink Absorber Full [5B00]

Canon iP2770 printer is one of the most widely used in the world. one of the products of this canon become the choice of many consumers because of its stylish design, save space and also good quality. over time are indeed many problems occur on a machine as well as the canon iP2770 printer.

If a lights blink on the POWER and RESUME button alternately and it will show an error 5B00. It means that your ink absorber inside the printer is almost full. In order to solve this you need to clear or reset the counter protection of your printer.

Before we start, Make sure that the power cable and USB cable are connected and then Download the resetter software (ServiceTool_V3400_iP2770) you can download it in the end of this post.

Entering Service Mode

You have to enter in service mode in order to used the resetter. To do that follow this procedure,

Turn off the printer without pulling the power cords.

Hold down Resume button and press Power button.

Keep holding down Power button and let Resume button go.

Then Press Resume button 5 times then let BOTH buttons go.

You will notice that the Alternate Blinking error is gone, this means that the printer is in Service Mode state. ... Download File PDF

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