Volkswagen Passat B4 Front Brake Servicing

Volkswagen Passat B4 Front Brake Servicing

Front brakes - brake caliper Girling, servicing

Note :

􀂄 After replacing brake pads, depress brake pedal several times firmly to properly seat brake pads in their normal operating position.

􀂄 When siphoning brake fluid, always use a bleeder bottle that is used exclusively for brake fluid. Brake fluid is poisonous. NEVER siphon brake fluid with your mouth!

􀂄 Wheel bolt tightening torque: 110 Nm.

􀂄 Brake disc, not bled

􀂄 Must always be replaced together on both sides of axle

􀂄 Brake disc: 256 mm

􀂄 Brake disc thickness: 13 mm

􀂄 Wear limit: 11 mm Download File PDF

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