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How to Remove the Power Outlet in a Chevrolet Colorado


The power outlet on a Chevy Colorado is a cigarette lighter. It supplies 12 volts to power accessories. They are actually two pieces, both of which are cylindrical in design. The center section is the one you see from the front. Another cylinder, slightly larger than the center one that threads onto center section, is the second piece. They are not unlike to pipes, one inside of the other. This effectively pinches the two sections to the dash.

Things You’ll Need: Pliers

Reach underneath the dash and grab the power outlet from the backside. Pull the center battery plus plug off. Pull off the ground plug attached to the side of the outlet.

Place a finger in the center of the power outlet to keep it from turning.

Grab the backside of the outlet with the piers and rotate the outside tube counterclockwise to remove it. When the outside tube has been loosened enough, turn it the rest of the way off by hand. Pull the center section out from the front of the dash.