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How to Replace Monsoon Speakers in Your Vehicle


Monsoon speakers might come installed in your vehicle. Since they are proprietary systems, you cannot simply hook up an aftermarket head unit, amplifier or speakers and expect them to work seamlessly with the rest of your stock Monsoon unit. However, you can specifically purchase speakers that are designed to be added to Monsoon units. Therefore, they are the most cost-effective way to improve your system without replacing it in its entirety.

Things You’ll Need: Firebird Monsoon Application and CDT CL-6 for Camaro, Screwdriver, Wire cutter, Soldering Iron, Drill

Disconnect the negative terminal of your battery to prevent electrical shock. Remove your door panels to expose your door speakers. Removing your door panels will vary based on your vehicle. It might require you to remove the screws securing your panel or to pry off the clips around the edges that secure it.

Remove the speakers attached to your door by removing the screws that secure them. Cut the wiring from the back of the old speakers. Solder the positive and negative wires to the back of the new component speakers for the doors. Reattach the new speakers to the doors using the screws to secure them.

Reattach the door panel. Remove the cover of your sail panel speakers by prying off the two clips on the bottom of the panel where it meets the side mirrors.