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How to Change a Chevrolet Colorado Bulb


The Chevy Colorado is GM’s entry in the mid-sized pickup market. Along with its sister model, the GMC Canyon, it replaced the former Chevy S-10 since 2004. Like all vehicles, a variety of light bulbs can be found on the Colorado. When one burns out, rather than take it to the dealership or garage, make this repair yourself at home. While the exact steps will vary somewhat depending on light you need to replace, some general steps apply to all.

Things You’ll Need: Headlight replacement bulb No. 9006SU, Taillight replacement bulb No. 3057LL, Set of screwdrivers

Park your Chevy Colorado on a stable surface that is level, and engage the parking brake. Turn the engine off. Inspect the Colorado visually to determine how to access the burned-out light bulbs. For headlights, you’ll gain access under the hood directly behind the lens. For brake and taillights, you’ll need to get in the trunk area and peel back the carpeting. For most interior lights, the lens will snap off, giving instant access to the bulb. Remove any dust covers or access panels. These are plastic protective covers that shield some of the Colorado likes, such as the taillights, from the elements. Use a screwdriver to remove these.

Unplug any electrical cables. As with the headlights, some light assemblies will have a cable connecting to the Colorado’s electrical system. Simply grasp the plug’s base, and pinch it to pull free. Remove the bulb. Do this carefully and gently. For most bulbs, you will need to push it in and then turn to the left to remove. However, some bulbs, especially interior ones, will pull straight out. Insert the proper replacement bulb, and reassemble the parts in reverse.

Tips & Warnings: Do not touch halogen bulbs with your bare hand. Use gloves or a clean cloth to hold the bulb instead.