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How to Change the Oil on a 2005 Chevy Colorado


The 2005 Chevrolet Colorado is equipped with an oil-change sensor that alerts owners when it’s time to change the truck’s oil. Instead of basing oil-change intervals on mileage, the sensor counts engine revolutions. Once the engine completes the required number of revolutions, the oil-change light comes on to alert you. Once the light comes on, replace the oil within 500 miles of driving. You must reset the oil-change indicator after each oil change in order for the indicator to be accurate.

Things You’ll Need: Container to collect oil, Wrench or socket set, Oil filter wrench, Replacement oil filter, Funnel, Approximately 6 qts. of 5W-30 motor oil

Start the truck and let the engine run for approximately five minutes to warm up the oil. This will make the oil drain better. Place the container underneath the oil pan drain plug. Turn the plug counterclockwise to loosen it and continue turning the plug by hand. Once the plug is ready to be removed, quickly pull it out and move your hand. The oil will begin to flow out. Once the oil stops draining, replace the plug and tighten it.

Place the oil filter wrench over the oil filter and turn it counterclockwise to loosen it. You’ll find the oil filter protruding down from the engine, on the passenger’s side, just behind the front sway bar. Once the filter is loose, continue removing it by hand. Dump the oil inside the filter into the container.