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How to Align the Headlights on a 1999 Volkswagen Passat


The headlights on a 1999 Volkswagen Passat were offered as a traditional halogen headlight, with an option to upgrade to Xenon headlights, or high intensity discharge headlights. While the Xenon bulbs give superior visibility, the halogen headlights offer excellent performance if the headlights are adjusted properly. You’ll need to align the headlights anytime you replace the headlamp assembly. The headlights need to be adjusted so that the headlight beams do not sit too high, blinding oncoming traffic, but they can’t sit too low either, or your vision could be seriously impaired while driving at night.

Tools Used: Tools, Phillips head screwdriver

Align Headlights

Park the Passat 20 feet away from a flat surface, like a wall, and shine the headlights onto the wall. Open the hood and locate the two adjustment screws. The adjustment screw for the lateral movement of the headlights is on the right side of the headlights. The screw on the left controls the vertical movement of the headlights.

Turn the adjustment screws so that the headlight beam shines straight in front of the Passat and at the bottom of the wall where the wall meets the ground. From 20 feet away, this will give you optimal adjustment of your Passat’s headlights.