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How to Disarm a LoJack


LoJack is a vehicle recovery device operated by police departments. Unlike car alarms, which notify owners at the time of the theft, LoJack tracks the location of the car after the theft. LoJack systems are complex and should be installed and disarmed only by licensed LoJack technicians. Due to the small size of the unit, technicians have approximately 20 to 30 options when installing it in a car. This makes it difficult not only for thieves to find, but also those not trained. A nonprofessional can cause extensive and expensive damage to your vehicle trying to locate and remove the LoJack.

Locate your vehicle identification number (VIN). Check your dashboard, vehicle registration or LoJack card for the VIN. Visit the LoJack website. Enter your zip code, vehicle type and make. Click “Find a Dealer.”