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1995 Isuzu pickup Taillight Troubleshooting


If the taillights on your 1995 Isuzu pickup truck are malfunctioning, you should repair them immediately. Depending on the number of lights malfunctioning, there could be three possible causes for the Isuzu’s taillight failure. If only one light is malfunctioning, that signifies a problem with the bulb. You will have to replace the bulb. If all of the lights are malfunctioning, that signifies either a loose electrical connector or a broken fuse. All three issues have fairly simple solutions that require only a few minutes to perform.

Tools Used: Tools, Clean gloves, Phillips screwdriver, Replacement bulb,Replacement fuse

Taillight Troubleshooting

Bulb Replacement

Turn off the engine and open the tailgate. Put on gloves. Remove the screw on the inboard side of the vehicle, directly behind the taillight assembly.

Remove the two screws on the outside of the taillight assembly. Pull the assembly out of the vehicle and disconnect the electrical connector from the rear of the assembly by squeezing the plastic tabs on the connector.

Remove the desired bulb socket by rotating it counterclockwise. The top socket houses the turn signal light. The middle socket contains the backup light. The bottom socket contains the brake light.

Pull the bulb out of the socket and replace it with a new 1157 bulb. All of the taillights use 1157 bulbs. Place the socket back into the assembly and place the assembly back into the vehicle.

Reconnect the electrical connector and reinstall all three screws. Close the tailgate.