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How to Replace a Headlight Bulb on a 1995 Jaguar XJ6


One the most important safety features on any automobile is not the air bag, not the seat belts, not even the crash frame: it is the headlights. Properly functioning headlights allow you to see safely and allows others to see you. Whether you drive an economy car or a luxury vehicle like a Jaguar, headlights must be regularly checked and replaced. Replacing a headlight bulb in a 1995 Jaguar Xj6 is a bit more complicated than in most cars, but it is still a manageable task for the do-it-yourselfer.

Tools Used: Tools, Socket wrench with socket set, Phillips screwdriver, Pliers, New bulb

Replace Headlight Bulb

Locate the bolts holding the bumper cover in place. Use a socket wrench to remove the bolts, allowing you to pull the cover down. Then take off the bolts securing the headlight assembly and pull out the entire assembly from the car.

Squeeze the retaining clip on the washer hose with a pair of pliers and pull it back, then pull the hose off. Next, unplug the electrical connector.

Unbolt the headlight washer motor with your socket wrench to gain access to the bulb. Pull the bulb straight out and take it to a Jaguar dealer or the local auto-parts shop to purchase a replacement bulb.

Reassemble the light assembly in the reverse order. Plug in the new bulb, re-bolt the washer motor, plug in the electrical cord and reattach the hose and retaining clip. Finally, re-bolt the headlight assembly and the bumper cover.

Turn the car on and switch the lights on to test the newly installed bulb.