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Chrysler Town & Country Air Conditioning Troubleshooting


Automobile problems can be costly to diagnose and repair. Save time and money by trying to troubleshoot the problems yourself. Try and determine exactly why the air conditioning is not working in your Chrysler Town & Country.

Tools Used: Tools, Screwdriver, Pliers

Troubleshoot Air Conditioning

Listen for the blower fan to make sure it is working. With the engine on, turn on the air and adjust the pressure. The normal accompanying sound indicates the blower fan is working properly. Remove the blower fan in a Chrysler Town & Country by first disconnecting the battery; then wait 2 minutes to disable the airbags. Remove the glove compartment, unscrew the blower fan and then unplug the electricity to it. There is only one small cable running to the blower fan which transmits the electricity.