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How to Troubleshoot the Horn on a Chevrolet Tahoe


The horn on a Chevrolet Tahoe operates with the use of a relay. This means that the power for the horn is received from the fuse block under the hood. Power from the fuse block runs to the horn relay. The commonly open end of the wire goes to the horn. The horn is then grounded to the frame. Power to the activating terminal of the relay comes from the Body Ride Control or from the accessory side of the ignition switch. The negative side of the relay runs through the column to the clockspring. The clockspring is also used for the air bag system. The wire then continues to the steering wheel air bag where it is attached. As the air bag is pressed, it causes the wire to ground, actuating the relay which, in turn, activates the horn.

Tools Used: Tools, Voltmeter, Set of Allen head screwdrivers, Set of wrenches

Troubleshoot the Horn